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How The Heck Do All Those Christmas Lights Work?

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You may have seen flashing lights in your neighborhood that dance to the beat of the music or change colors. Nearly every community has "that one" house that lights up for Christmas each year. If you've ever wondered how the displays work and what you need to make your own, this will be a short overview of all the components and how everything works together.

A Christmas light show is made up of three main components: (1) the control circuitry, (2) the sequencing system, and (3) most importantly the lights!

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12 Tips On How To Handle Unwanted Gifts

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It's natural to feel like a terrible person when we don't need a gift we had been presented in the spirit of this season. Hoping we could possibly love it!

However, none of us have a lot of space for items we don't want or need, and it helps no one to use "but it was a present" as an excuse to hold on to anything you do not need, use, or love. Doing this will only create clutter in your home or life--and that is a very non-feng-shui way to begin a new year!

If you don't like the present, take the love and joy the gift-giver meant to come with the stated gift, write a beautiful thank you note, and then send the present along its merry little way out of your property.

Letting go of things you do not need or love has zero reflections in your feelings for the gift giver, so let that present go guilt-free.

Here are creative (and simple!) things to do with these presents you can not return.

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What's Open During Covid-19 This Holiday Season?

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In a year where we are used to disappointing news every day, we were happy to learn that several of Pennsylvania's amazing Christmas displays will be part of the Holiday season. For example, the famous Koziar Christmas Village at Berville (Berks County), PA, is open for the season. Yeah, despite this coronavirus pandemic, the organizers say the village will be available from Saturday, November 7, 2020, until January 2, 2021.

In years past, guests have managed to tour Santa's Post Office, A Toy Shop, an Old-Fashioned Bakery, and more in town. Yeah, it's a real life-sized Christmas village. It has been consistently named one of the greatest holiday attractions in the nation.

We all know you like to see Christmas lights. So, what is the next best thing? Apple pie, baseball, and "fireworks on the Fourth of July," you can not get more American than that!

Few cities do "Fourth of July" fireworks such as Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities. In actuality, we do it well here in Southwestern, Pennsylvania, it is challenging to choose which 4th of July activities to participate in and where to go to watch July fireworks! If only we could be in many places at once...

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Best Ways To Store Your Christmas Lights

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There's no denying it: this time of the year can be a little sad. Another fantastic holiday year has come to an end. All that is left is the cleanup - and for a number of us, a bit of personal recovery period time, too!

But though putting your lights away at the end of the season might not be as happy as putting them up at the season's start, it's a job that's worth doing right. Follow these 13 tips and suggestions listed below to help maintain your Christmas lights for years to come. Or at least they will be kept safely for next year.

If you're an expert Christmas Fanatic, you already know precisely what you will plan for this year's Christmas light display. You've likely thought about the lights you'll be installing and where you'll be installing them.

But if you are a newbie Christmas Fanatic, you likely do not have all the lights planned out. You probably do not know which lights to buy or where to put them. Or perhaps even how to install them.

No need to worry, though!  Because now is the most suitable time to prepare and plan for the Christmas light display later this year.

Here are 3 action steps for Christmas Fans to follow, and this will take you through the process of preparing this year's Christmas light display for your home:

Based on where you live, you have possibly viewed a house with crazy glowing Christmas lights that change color and dance to music. Almost every neighborhood or city has "that one home" that goes all out for the holidays annually. In my area, that house is mine. If you have ever wondered how those screens work and what you will need to create your own, this will be an overview of all the elements and how everything works together.

Three key things make up a Christmas lighting show: the sequencing, the control circuitry, and the lights.

The lights are organized to form props like leaping arches, snowflakes, stars, legatees, and much more. You couple those lights with power supplies and controllers to make them function as expected.

Are you searching for the best locations in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas to see the best Holiday light displays?

If so, our yearly Pittsburgh Holiday Lights events guide will give you all the updates and keep your holiday spirits bright all season long.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful destination if you love to be in the Christmas lights. The downtown area offers many fantastic spots to enjoy the beauty of the holiday season.

Starting on Light up Night on the Friday before Thanksgiving and continuing through New Year's Day, there are many excellent opportunities to enjoy beautiful displays of Christmas Lights in Pittsburgh.

Below are a few of the people’s favorite places in and around downtown Pittsburgh to enjoy terrific lights and decorations during the holiday season.

Places You Must Visit to See Holiday Lights in the Pittsburgh Area

It is a known fact that Pittsburghers love Christmas and Holiday light displays nearly as much as the Steelers. So with the holiday quickly approaching, it is time for a vacation lights road trip. Here's a list of some of the region's larger, more popular destinations.

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Celebrate Christmas in July in Pittsburgh

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The mere mention of the word Christmas brings fond memories of various events that usually take place on this particular day. Apart from the gifts and other goodies we often receive on Christmas, this day symbolizes love, and many people use it to reunite with family members and friends alike.

Nothing is exciting as celebrating Christmas early given that it comes only once every calendar year in different places across the globe where it is recognized. However, in Pittsburgh area residents can celebrate the holiday twice, this is possible because Pittsburgh celebrates  "Christmas in July".

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership - Market Place hosted a children's event organized by KidsPlay for all local children that wanted to see Santa Claus and was filled with fun, and other exhilarating activities reminiscent of the actual Christmas day.  In other parts of town additional Christmas in July, events were being held, like the East Shore "Christmas in July" Flea Market sponsored by Swissvale Farmers Market. Another event was organized by the Cultural District.

The idea of owning a robot maid or butler is within closer reach than ever before. Recent advancements in tech and designs mean that there are all kinds of clever creatures, robots, and household gadgets on the market. Providing the perfect gift idea for all sorts of friends and family members this Christmas.

There are different types of smart systems, actual robots, and robotic cleaning devices, like the well-known Roomba, which are now available for the everyday consumer. Get the best Roomba model you can afford. I recommend either the 880 (cheaper) or the 980 (top-of-the-line) read more below. Basically, for robotic items, it all comes down to continued development, accessibility, and affordability.

There is a higher demand for smart appliances and robotic help. This means more manufacturers are working on developing more and more items. The good news for consumers is that this means great choice. Greater demand creates more variety and tends to bring the prices down.

This guide shows some of the best robotic household items and toys across different categories.


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