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5 Best Toy Drones for Kids Christmas Gifts

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Who said that your child must own one of the most powerful high-flying drones available in the market today so that he or she can have fun?

There are plenty of good toy drones that have a design that is ideal for recreational purposes and that they can fly.

They are good because of their relatively inexpensive and small convenient sizes so that your child can operate them in the living room or even the backyard of your house for several minutes before it inevitably gets stuck in a tree or crash.  Regarding children, buying a beginner drone for training is the best advice or you will be paying for it. 

There is plenty that they can select from, but the following are the best toy drones that money can buy, which are ideal Christmas gifts.

Ranking Criteria

Several factors were used as the criteria for ranking the toy drones so as to emerge with the best. The factors include the ones that are listed below:

Controller type – This is to indicate what the toy drone is controlled by. Is it controlled via a remote or a smartphone?

Drone camera – This indicates if the toy drone has video and photo capabilities and whether it is an HD resolution or not.

Flight time – This criterion shows the period regarding minutes that the toy drone can remain suspended in the air on a single charge.

Optimum range – The range of the toy drone is the maximum distance that it can fly without losing contact.

Weight – This criterion functions to assess the toy drone’s weight after complete assembling. This is important to know because of portability.

Size – This is the size of the toy drone in inches. It just indicates how big or small the toy drone is.

Recommended Age – This refers to the minimum age that the manufacturer of the toy drone recommends.

Charge time – This indicates the duration of time in minutes that it takes to charge it fully.

Best Toy Drones

Best Toy Drones For Christmas Gifts

The following are some of the top toy drones about their specifications and ranking criteria outlined above:


This is an awesome budget drone that your kids can enjoy. They can easily fly it regardless of whether he or she is a beginner or not. It has amazing specifications, and they include the following:

  • It is controllable via a remote.
  • This toy drone has a high definition video and photo camera with a 720p resolution. It records to an exchangeable micro SD card.
  • The fight time is 7 minutes.
  • Recommended age is 14+.
  • It has a maximum range of 170 feet.
  • Weighs about 2 lbs.
  • This toy drone has a size of 16 × 12 × 4” which makes it quite portable.
  • Battery charge time of 90 minutes.

The Syma brand is a market leader that is renowned for excellent service and quality so you can fully trust and have confidence in them.

SYMA X5C is fun to fly, and it has a good stability which makes it suitable for both the outdoors and indoors. It is the perfect balance of economy and high quality.

 DJI Phantom 3

The DJI brand has released the DJI Phantom 3 toy drone. It is equipped with a perfect video and photo capabilities so that your children can enjoy all the benefits of a high-definition camera. It has the following interesting specifications:

  • A remote for its controller.
  • Has a camera with a 2.7K HD capability to shoot HD videos and take stable and clear photographs. It means that it has 2704 × 1520 resolution at 30 fps.
  • Flight time of 25 minutes
  • Recommended age of 14+ from the manufacturer.
  • The optimum range of 3,300 feet before it loses contact.
  • The total assembled weight of 8lbs.
  • DJI Phantom 3 drone has a size of 15 × 14 × 8” which greatly facilitates its portability.

This toy drone has an integrated 3-axis camera gimbal which makes it state-of-the-art level. Other appreciable features are its handy GPS flight assistant and its ability to fly along pre-set waypoints. It is an all-around toy drone that your children can still enjoy even when they grow up.

Cheerson CX 10

Best Toy Drone - Cheerson CX 10

The Cheerson CX 10 is a small toy drone packed with technology. Your children can enjoy its convenient size and its flight stability. Its most amazing feature that they will love is its ability to perform mid-air flips among the following eye-catching specifications:

  • Kids can easily operate it via a remote. The remote is small so that it can comfortably fit in their hands.
  • Has a flight time of 8 minutes on a single charge.
  • Maximum flight range is 110 feet.
  • Light in weight i.e. 3 oz.
  • Has a suitable size of 6 × 3 × 3” which facilitates both its storage and portability.
  • Battery takes 30 minutes to charge this unique toy drone.

They can easily change this toy drone's sensitivity remote control settings to either beginner, intermediate or even advanced. It can be an affordable and qualify gift that can make their Christmas special.

Holy Stone F181

This toy quadcopter drone has the following outstanding specifications to ensure your kids have a fun time:

  • Has a remote controller.
  • Includes an amazing HD camera with 720p resolution.
  • The manufacturer has given it a recommended age of 14+.
  • It can stay in flight for 9 minutes on a single charge.
  • Maximum range is 320 feet before it loses contact.
  • Drone weighs 1.7lbs when assembled. Making it easy to store and also portable.
  • Dimensions of 12 × 12 × 3”, a size they can easily handle.
  • Battery takes 80 minutes to charge it fully.

The other impressive features they can enjoy from this toy drone are its ability to re-align itself and the stabilization system preventing it from steering off course.

Parrot Bebop

This is a premium toy drone that users can tweak technologically in several ways. The following specifications are what make it a perfect Christmas gift for your kid:

  • Controllable via a phone.
  • Has an HD camera with a 1080 p resolution. This camera will allow them to shoot megapixel photographs and ultra-clear HD videos.
  • Drone is lightweight of 1lbs.
  • Battery takes 90 minutes to charge fully.
  • Manufacturer recommends an age of 14+
  • Has a size of 15 × 13 × 3” which is a size that he or she can easily handle.
  • Maximum range of 1000ft.
  • This drone can stay in flight for 25 minutes before recharging.

This product combines a compact and lightweight design to produce a robust toy drone that is affordable and of high quality.


This toy drone has a very stylish design that will just blow your kids away; it has the following attractive specifications to make an ideal Christmas gift for them:

  • Drone is remote-controlled.
  • Has an HD camera with a 720p resolution.
  • Flight time of 9 minutes.
  • The recommended age from the manufacturer is 14+.
  • Maximum range is 3000 feet.
  • Is lightweight at 0.35 lbs to facilitate its portability.
  • Size of 13 × 13 × 3” makes it easy for them to handle it and also facilitates its storage.
  • Battery takes 100 minutes to charge fully.

Other notable features that may amaze them are the toy drone’s headless mode that reorient it in the case of a mix-up in directions and the handy return home button that will bring it back to your kids faster.

Your kids will love its minimal aerodynamic design that is very robust. This is guaranteed to make their Christmas superb.


The above insightful information about toy drones indicates why the above products are good Christmas gifts for your children. Make their festive season special by getting them one of these.


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