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12 Tips On How To Handle Unwanted Gifts

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It's natural to feel like a terrible person when we don't need a gift we had been presented in the spirit of this season. Hoping we could possibly love it!

However, none of us have a lot of space for items we don't want or need, and it helps no one to use "but it was a present" as an excuse to hold on to anything you do not need, use, or love. Doing this will only create clutter in your home or life--and that is a very non-feng-shui way to begin a new year!

If you don't like the present, take the love and joy the gift-giver meant to come with the stated gift, write a beautiful thank you note, and then send the present along its merry little way out of your property.

Letting go of things you do not need or love has zero reflections in your feelings for the gift giver, so let that present go guilt-free.

Here are creative (and simple!) things to do with these presents you can not return.

1. Accept Store Credit

Often a store credit or exchange will be allowed, even if a return won't. Use store credit to find something you genuinely want! Attempt to return as soon as possible, though. If you do not have a receipt, you're going to wind up getting back the product's cheapest cost rather than really what was spent!

2. Don't Let Gifts Go Into A Closet To Expire

 We do not mean to seem ungrateful, but we have all been the recipients of something we do not like, want, or know what to do with. Think crazy sweaters or cologne that is not your scent. You get the idea. Should you have a tacky gift cupboard? Make it useful. There are a number of us that put our unwanted gifts into the closet. If one of us enjoyed something there, we chose it. When there was a gag gift party or any other random event where the cupboard contents were fitting, we pulled out of the closet. In the long run, it worked out because the things found a new use or house that wanted them.

3. Donate

One woman's junk is another's paradise. You might not love that sweater, but there is a girl out there who will think about it as her new favorite thing. If it's an extra incentive, contributions are tax deductible--you'll be glad you did thus come tax time!

Thrift Stores, Dress For Success, The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and many other areas will be great to be the recipient of your goodwill (or unpleasant taste, whatever the case may be!). Charity Navigator's search feature can help you to find charities with specific needs locally.

A fantastic way to donate using a spin is a service such as Freecycle. You post the item you're trying to unload, and somebody who lives nearby who desires that thing will come to pick it up! This is also a fantastic asset when you're clearing a house.

Donating an Unwanted present is a feel-good method of eliminating the gift. Not only do you free up space in your cupboard, but you also get to help somebody else out. Based on the product, you will want to discover a correct service or person to contribute. Read our comprehensive piece on vetting charities to be sure that your item is going to be used. It's simple to get caught up in the giving spirit and provide your item(s) to a charity that is not all that charitable.

It's even possible to maintain your charitable contributions in your taxes, providing some additional incentive to give away the things you don't want. Just how much of a charge? We break it down for you.

Have some items great for the classroom? Call the local school district or library and ask if they accept donations. Be given a blanket or coat? Call your regional shelters and churches -- they accept donations.

In the Long Run, The gift you are giving off costs you nothing, but it might mean the world to someone else.

4. Regifting

You have a few choices when it comes to gifts that can not be returned. The first is easy, and you have more than likely done it before: Regifting.

Regifting is simple and will not cost you a dime. Plus, lots of the time, it might be precisely the thing the other person wanted. Hence, it just works to your advantage, says Ian Aronovich, president and co-founder of This website compiles and provides information about government auctions of seized and excess stock from all over the nation. Regifting isn't ungrateful. It simply knows the thing you do not need is excellent for somebody else!

You may get a gift that you don't want, but know your friend will love. In cases like this, you can resist it. Take off any tags along with your name and wrap the present again. It is often better to regift it than let it go to waste. You'll also save a little money on gift shopping.

5. Host A "Happy Hour" Gift Swapping Event

Invite your friends and family over or meet up somewhere to swap any unwanted presents from the season. Be sure you set the ground rule that nobody can get angry if you find a gift you gave somebody. If you liked it, then here is your opportunity to have it on your own!

6. Gift Cards

There are loads of gift card deals available. and are great places to sell or swap gift cards to stores where you won't buy anything. Although before you sell the card, consider regifting the card using the card to obtain a gift for somebody else. Do your research and understand your options.

For Instance, right now, Walmart is reviewing a program that will let you swap gift cards from over 200 retailers, restaurants, and airlines to get a Walmart gift card!

7. Barter

If you got a gift, you don't need it this season, and you probably aren't alone. Invite your family members over to exchange unwanted gifts. A present trade party can be an enjoyable way to spend some time with your family members following the holidays and ensure presents do not go to waste. offers a trade-in alternative for many things --books, cookbooks, children's books, DVDs, CDs, video games, and whatever "sexy" such as Disney's Frozen do pretty nicely, says coordinating specialist Jamie Novak. If Amazon wants a new or used copy of everything you have, you can trade it for account credit to use on any further purchase.

8. Sell It

Just because you do not like the present does not mean somebody else won't. You may sell your gift on online platforms such as Craigslist or eBay.  Before you post your product, research its worth to know how much to sell it for. Take quality photographs and include a lengthy description. 

9. Repurpose

In the time of Pinterest and YouTube, random things have used we would never imagine. Perhaps you hate that ugly tree sweatshirt-- but imagine how fun it'll be when cut up to use as materials to wash. It is a dose of this season the year through!

Maybe you got a purse you will never wear in public. Think about using it for a different purpose, like for keeping your cosmetics or hair products inside. Get creative and think of different ways that you can use the gift rather than throwing it away.

10. Return it

If your gift comes with a receipt or knows where it is from, do research and find the shop's return policy. You may probably exchange it for something else, get money back or collect credit.  Policies vary based on the shop. Places such as L.L.Bean and Nordstrom have laid-back return policies, while Best Buy and Barnes & Noble have time constraints and limitations.

The opportunity of refund or exchange is higher if you've got a gift receipt. If you do not have a gift receipt, you may still have the ability to return your product but may only get store credit. Keep in mind and some shops do not accept returns without present receipts in any respect.




11. Gift Cards That You Won't Use

What do you do with a gift card that you won't use? You sell it! You may sell any gift card to a website such as Card Pool to acquire a percentage of its face value. If you happen to be given a prepaid Visa card, you can always use a Square reader to cover the balance.

12. One Thing That You Should Never Do!

Do not list unwanted gifts on Facebook Marketplace. Prevent a potentially embarrassing situation with the giver and keep off any items on social networking platforms such as Instagram Stories or Facebook Marketplace where they may see it. If you have to re-sell online, consider asking a friend to do it.

If a tense situation will arise, be careful and fair. "Embrace the awkward and push beyond it. Recognize it'll be uncomfortable, and be honest. Inform the person that you are so grateful that they thought of you, and right now, you are performing a purge of items you have, which is one of the things that wound up on the list. Recognize the individual and their thoughtfulness again. Any hurt feelings ought to be smoothed over.

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