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DNA Test Kits - A Great Choice For Christmas Gifts

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It can be hard to find Christmas gifts for family members that are unique and easily appreciated. There are distinct options for fitness-mad siblings and the typical mom and dad gifts, but how do we go further?

The answer for many may lie in DNA test kits. Once purely medical and for parentage disputes, DNA tests now provide interesting heritage and health information and make great gifts.

You can use these at-home DNA test kits and send them off with the promise of personalized information and additional bonuses. There is something for everyone – even the dog – and there is sure to be no other present like it.

DNA testing kits make great gifts for all kinds of family members over the Christmas period. 

Human DNA Testing Options

There are many ways that DNA test kits can work as a quirky gift for a household member. First of all, there are different testing solutions that provide a glimpse into our ancestry.

Genealogy sites are popular with many parents and older relatives that are keen to know more about family lines. This desire increases upon the realization that they can no longer ask questions to older generations as they have passed on.

Genealogy records are great for records and family trees. However, DNA sequencing services can provide insight into deeper roots and ethnicity.

Any father or uncle that jokes about Viking blood can now prove it. Also, specialized testing for African-Americans can provide a greater understanding of ethnic roots. Some can trace their genes to the particular African lines and the European groups mixed in there.

Gifts for Genealogists

DNA sequencing Christmas gifts can also teach family members more about themselves.

The development of DNA tests means that they can tell us more than just our ancestral lines. The complexity of the sequencing and the understanding of the genome lead to some detailed, personalized results. There is a lot to learn from these sequences, and there are many companies that specialize in specific areas of health and fitness.

DNA sequences can pick out key markers for risks of disease and predispositions. This is ideal for the fitness-mad sibling that already has all the top devices. These results can help them to adjust fitness regimes and diet programs to suit their genetics better.

Some people need to lose weight in a certain way. Others have traits to do with gut health that they cannot avoid. These results can shed new light on fitness problems for those that have plateaued or those that need to push themselves into a new gear. It is also perfect with New Year Resolutions right around the corner.

Other tests go in a different direction and provide information on the user’s personality traits. They provide a chart of characteristics and trends to show who they are down to the core.

There are a couple of issues with this one.  First, like all DNA tests, there are some issues with accuracy and the potential for generalization. Secondly, there is also the risk that siblings may regret the gift if it doesn’t tell them what they want to hear.

Pet DNA Testing

Then there are the family pets.  We spend billions on our pets at Christmas each year, so it is only fair that they get in on the act with DNA testing too. DNA test kits for dogs hit the headlines when people used them to catch dog owners that didn’t clear up their pups. The potential goes far beyond this. The lineage of a dog is important to many owners of show dogs.

The pet DNA results can highlight genetic lines and potential health risks, much like human DNA tests. This is also a fun idea for a family rescue dog where owners aren’t entirely sure which breeds created their cute little cross. One of the pet DNA testing company is called Wisdom Panel

DNA test kits can also provide two gifts for the price of one with additional products.

Many companies are trying to go further with their service and stand out from the crowd. This means plenty of companies that offer a little extra other than the printed results.

The first option here is to find a company that will create a physical representation of the DNA sequence. One of the most popular is the Dot One DNA scarf. This is perfect for parents that wanted a scarf and children that felt that this wasn’t enough alone.

Alternatively, there are those that create modern wall art from the sequence, such as Easy DNA.

Those that receive these DNA sequencing Christmas gifts to learn more about their past may appreciate the personalized itinerary from Your DNA Journey.

As was seen above, the vast number of DNA test kits provide a detailed look at heritage and ethnicity. Many provide this in a simple chart and map, with percentages of key groups.

This is perfect for those looking to learn more. However, keen travelers can plot an expedition with this detailed migratory path.

DNA Christmas Gifts

This is perfect for siblings that are looking to travel and backpack for a while and need a secure route. It takes the term “finding yourself” to another level.

GENEU is a company that took an entirely different approach with its main aims and products. Here they use the DNA sequence to analyze the skin quality and aging processes of the user.

While this may seem a little depressing for Christmas gifts, there is a positive outcome here in personalized skincare products.

Beauty products, skin creams, and other luxury items are common stocking fillers at this time of year. This alternative option offers something that no one else will receive and something that may work.

DNA kits can still be pricey, but they are great options for those that want to spoil loved ones at Christmas.

DNA test kits as Christmas gifts may be unusual, and they aren’t little stocking fillers. However, they are gifts that keep on giving.

Recipients get much more than a piece of paper with some results on it. The information gained can teach families about their heritage and open up doors to better health and fitness.

There is a lot to gain from these gifts, and they can bring the family together at Christmas.

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