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10 Tips For Great Christmas Gifts For Elders

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It can be difficult to know what to get an older relative for Christmas. Sometimes it seems as though they already have everything they need and there aren’t any obvious gift ideas.

Also, some are unlikely to come straight out and ask for things. Grandparents and elderly aunts and uncles can be tricky, but there are some great gifts out there that can make a difference.

 Here are ten different approaches to Christmas gifts for seniors and some of the best products.

1) Pain Relief

The first place to look for alternative presents for the elderly is with items that can make their lives a little easier.

They may not ask for home help devices or other therapy tools. However, there are lots of things that can contribute to relieving pain and stiffness from medical conditions and old age.

Massage devices, massage chairs, or foot baths can significantly affect any painful condition. Also, some good old-fashioned spa-style lotions are ideal for skin complaints. This applies especially to those conditions exaggerated in the wintertime.

2) At-Home Help

In addition to aids for pain relief and better well-being, there are also plenty of helpful tools for the home.  Many older relatives can struggle to get out of chairs or in and out of the bath. Rails and other support systems provide a little piece of mind.

The Medline bathtub grip bar is especially appealing because of it is portable and easy to use. Those willing to spend a bit more on Christmas gifts for elderly relatives may wish to upgrade the armchair. Some smart models lift up to help users in and out.

3) Sleeping Aids

Some elderly relatives can struggle to get to sleep at night, and white noise machines and sound simulators can help block distractions. They are ideal for those with sleep disorders.

Also, a new bed might be good for those that struggle to get in and out of their current one. Some simply need a mattress at just the right height, or a memory foam mattress to support the joints a little better.

Online mattresses are one of the great gift choices for elderly relatives that can’t go to a showroom to try them out. Many top names deliver high-end memory foam mattresses in small boxes, straight to the door, with long return periods.

Memory Foam Mattress

4) Light Therapy

On a related note, some elderly relatives may benefit from a light therapy device in the home. Lightboxes, SAD lamps, and sunrise simulators help to flood a room with simulated natural light at precisely the right lux. '

 This light source can help those dealing with the winter blues and can’t get out and about as much. There are also portable glasses to wear around the house if a large lightbox is too much for Christmas gifts for elderly relatives.

5) Technological Gadgets

There is an assumption among many people that the elderly and technology don’t mix at all. For some, this is true, and many have no interest in emails and computers. Others are curious to try out the new gadgets of their grandchildren and want to get involved.

An inexpensive, basic tablet device with simple online browsing, games, and communication methods, like Skype, can be highly appreciated. They are great Christmas gifts for seniors who want to stay in touch with the world and distant relatives a little easier. It also brings the world of online shopping to their door.

 Alternatively, those that are distrustful of email can get an email reader like the Presto Printing Mailbox. It connects to the phone line and prints emails without the need for a computer.

6) Electronic Organizers

Then there are the electronic organizers that can help elderly relatives to live a more independent life. It is easy for parents to misplace items or forget tasks in old age. The memory starts to go, and simple to-do lists and shopping lists are a problem.

 Electronic organizers, such as the smart shopper grocery list organizer, can store records and act as an essential aid. The voice controls and printing function are also perfect for those that may struggle with writing due to arthritis.

7) Brain Training

Brain training is essential for any relative at any age to keep the mind sharp and active. This is a typical case in older relatives where senility and dementia are a bigger risk.

 Brain training can help to stave off these problems and provide activities on cold winter days when they are stuck indoors. This can be as simple as a puzzle book – some cryptic crosswords and Sudoku – or physical IQ puzzles or jigsaws of a favorite place.

Great Christmas Gifts For Elders

8) Memory Journals

Another way of keeping the brain active and restoring memory is to get elderly relatives to write their memoirs and best stories.

Our older relatives have lived long, interesting lives, and there is a part of their past that when we were not around. There are sure to be interesting tales to record for prosperity. This is particularly the case from those that lived through the depression or served the nation.

 This can be a joint project, too, as younger relatives listen to stories and write them down or help to digitize photographs. On that note, digital scanners are great gifts for elderly relatives that want to bring old photos and memories to life.

9) Tools To Make A Hobby Easier

Our elderly relatives may be old, but that doesn’t mean that they are all unable to continue to do the things they love.

Grandma may still have a passion for painting or gardening. Grandpa may still like to get out the tools and make things in the shed.

Younger relatives should encourage those hobbies and passions as long as possible. Hobby boxes are an excellent way to do so and great Christmas gifts for elders.

Fill a box with small items that will help them to continue a project. Paints, brushes, and a new pallet for artists. Seeds, a kneeling pad, and some twine for gardeners.

 10) Gift Cards

Last but not least, there is always the option of a gift card for Christmas gifts for elderly relatives. This may seem like a cop-out approach, but many elders love them.

Gift cards give them the excuse to go shopping and find something they want or need. It is also a great money-saving tool for those on a low income.



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