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Why Are Pro Grade Christmas Lights Better Than Retail Grade?

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Christmas lights, either for the tree or the home, are an important part of Christmas decoration.

A tree comes to life with a set of brilliantly warm white LEDs, and kids love to see multi-colored displays for the garden. There are two options for consumers. Either go for the cheaper retail-grade models or spend a little more on a pro-grade set.

Retail-grade models are the more affordable options that are more accessible in general stores. Pro-grade models are high-end options that promise better light at a higher price.

While it may initially seem wise to save money and go for the retail grade, pro-grade has many benefits.

Pro-grade lights offer a better standard of light with a great design than retail-grade. Pro-grade means a more professional quality of light. The components are expensive, which means the costs are higher, but they are better lights.

The quality of the diodes and other materials leads to a better quality of light. The colors, intensity, and general feel of the lights have that warmth and attractive look many are after. This is also the fact that nearly all pro-grade lights are full-wave lights. Retail grade often uses a half-wave cycle, so it isn’t nearly as intense or brilliant.

The problem with the pro-grade lights for consumers is that they cannot remove the bulbs from the socket. This means that they cannot replace the bulb should it fail. The result is a set of expensive lights with a few dead bulbs spoiling the look.

It is, therefore, understandable that many consumers would prefer to turn to retail-grade models. Not only do we have that immediate cost reduction, but there is also the chance to take out the dead bulbs and replace them with time.


Christmas Lights LED


The replacements may not be cheap, but many feel that it is a better alternative to going out and getting a whole new set of lights.

The durability and life of these pro-grade sets are the deciding factors here in the choice between the two.

This is a great theory in practice. There is another issue here regarding the durability of pro-grade sets. Most pro-grade sets should have a longer lifespan than most lower-grade models – regardless of blown bulbs.

This is because it has that all-in-one design with fixed bulbs. This one-piece model has a tight seal between the light and the electronics.

The replaceable models have that gap between the two. It may not seem like an issue if the bulb screws in well. That is still a gap where water and dust can get in.

If the lights are in the basement over the year and the basement gets a little damp, there could be problems. Owners could find that the lights won’t switch back on once Christmas comes back around.

Overall, these pro-grade lights tend to last for approximately 75,000 hours. This relates to around seven years of use if they continue to work without fault. That’s seven years where a child can grow up with the same traditional set of lights on a tree.


Christmas Lights White


With the retail grade, there is a greater chance of disappointment with breakages and low life expectancy. Many only last two years.

This is where we come back to that issue of cost. Add up the price of 4 retail-grade sets and the potential of replacement bulbs against the cost of one pro-grade set. The pro-grade options suddenly seem like the most beneficial option.

Pro Grade is the better investment.

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It is easy for homeowners to want retail-grade models of Christmas lights. They look good on the box and are much less expensive in the short term.

This is important for those that may be on a budget and want to light up the house as best as possible. However, it is arguably better to go for a more expensive investment of a set of pro-grade lights and enjoy the benefits for longer.

Pro-grade lights will look better on the tree, are durable and could keep families happy for up to four times longer.

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