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Friday, 26 November 2021 07:09

How The Heck Do All Those Christmas Lights Work?

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You may have seen flashing lights in your neighborhood that dance to the beat of the music or change colors. Nearly every community has "that one" house that lights up for Christmas each year. If you've ever wondered how the displays work and what you need to make your own, this will be a short overview of all the components and how everything works together.

A Christmas light show is made up of three main components: (1) the control circuitry, (2) the sequencing system, and (3) most importantly the lights!

Saturday, 01 February 2020 08:12

Best Ways To Store Your Christmas Lights

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There's no denying it: this time of the year can be a little bit sad. Another fantastic holiday year has come to an end. All that left is the cleanup - and for a number of us a bit of personal recovery period time, too!

But though putting your lights away at the end of the season might not be as happy as putting them up in the season's start, it's a job that's worth doing right. Follow these 13 tips and suggestions listed below to help maintain your Christmas lights for years to come. or at least they will be kept safely for next year.

If you're an expert Christmas Fanatic, then you already know precisely what you will plan for this year's Christmas light display. You've likely thought about the lights you'll be installing, and where you'll be installing them.

But if you are a newbie Christmas Fanatic, you likely do not have all the lights planned out. You probably do not know which lights to buy, or where to put them. Or perhaps even how to install them.

No need to worry, though!  Because now is the most suitable time to do your preparation and planning for the Christmas light display later this year.

Here are 3 action steps for Christmas Fans to follow and this will take you through the process of preparing this year's Christmas light display for your home:

1. Figure Out Your Spending Limit

Yes, it's the most important thing. Christmas is a 'spendy' time of year. Household budgets typically become somewhat strained during the holiday season. So, before you begin spending on Christmas lights and décor, it would be smart to find out how much you can comfortably manage to spend and set a budget.  The best time to buy is during Christmas clearance sales and use next year.

Once you have made your budget decision, set that amount of cash aside and start with Christmas light buying spree up to your budgeted limits.

Based on where you live, you have possibly viewed a house with crazy glowing Christmas lights that change color and dance to music. Almost every neighborhood or city has "that one home" that goes all out for the holidays annually. In my area, that house is mine. If you have ever wondered how those screens work and what you will need to create your own, this is going to be an overview of all the elements and how everything works together.

Three key things make up a Christmas lighting show: the sequencing, the control circuitry, as well as the lights.

The lights are organized to form different props like leaping arches, snowflakes, stars, legatees, and much more. You couple those lights with power supplies and controllers to make them function as expected.

Monday, 16 October 2017 05:04

DIY Flash To Music Christmas Lights

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It has become quite popular for people to synchronize Christmas videos to music especially since Gangnam Style (by PSY) became an anthem that made it to the Christmas light extravaganza.

The fun of it all is that you are free to choose your favorite videos and tunes to synchronize for your next Christmas adventure.

Although it takes a lot of planning, light stocking, and connection work, it is something you can easily achieve if you are serious about impressing your friends and family on this festive season. Nonetheless, it is not going to be an easy task particularly for those who have never taken on such projects.

Computerized Christmas lights can add some fun to a large garden display. While static lights and multi-colored dioramas are appealing to passers-by, it is the computerized ones that make people stop and stare.

Competition is often fierce between homeowners in many neighborhoods when it comes to the Christmas decorations.

The rise of these computerized displays ups the ante and provides a whole new project for the committed. With the following approach, anyone can master this display without going overboard or upsetting the neighbors too much.