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Best Ways To Store Your Christmas Lights

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Storing Christmas lights Storing Christmas lights

There's no denying it: this time of the year can be a little sad. Another fantastic holiday year has come to an end. All that is left is the cleanup - and for a number of us, a bit of personal recovery period time, too!

But though putting your lights away at the end of the season might not be as happy as putting them up at the season's start, it's a job that's worth doing right. Follow these 13 tips and suggestions listed below to help maintain your Christmas lights for years to come. Or at least they will be kept safely for next year.

1. Use Protective Containers

LED lights are incredibly durable. But that does not imply that they will hold up to plenty of rough handling during storage. Plastic storage tubs make perfect containers for your lighting. The containers are light and easy to manage, stackable and compact, and keep your lights well protected.

Using clear plastic containers will aid in identifying and finding light sets when planning to install your lighting season containers.

2. Find Dry and Cool Storage

If your lights are wet once you take them down, spread them out in a dry place - your garage floor, possibly- and let them dry completely before storing them away in plastic containers set in a dry and mild climate.

For many homeowners, putting plastic tubs in the attic is very easy. However, that is not a great place to store your Christmas lights for durability. Your lights will fare better if they are kept in mild temperatures. The hot temperatures ordinary in attics throughout the summer aren't helpful to extend the life of your lights.

3. Easy Ornament Storage

It's tough to store fragile ornaments without breaking them. Our very best tip for how to store Christmas decorations is this simple solution: Use a plastic storage tub and store each decoration in a different plastic cup (the 6-oz. Party size works great). By making use of cardboard to separate the layers of containers, you can stack a lot of decorations in one tub without breaking or any tangling. You can reuse the same containers and cardboard every year.


4. Store Your Artificial Tree in a Tube

Now that the holiday is over, what is the best way to store an artificial Christmas tree? People like the ease of an artificial Christmas tree, but saving it can be a pain as it takes up so much space. Here is an idea: Buy two 8-10 in. diameter concrete form tubes, cover each layer of the tree in the string, and push on half of the tree layers under each tube. Mark the layer numbers on all tubes and slide up the tubes in your garage rafters for a perfect storage solution!

5. Bunching

When you took the strand lights from the box they arrived in; they were bunched and held collectively with a rubber band or cable tie.

This can be redone quickly, but it's a bit more time-consuming. The advantage is that it is even less likely to become tangled.

To bunch the lights again, hold one of those endings of those lights near one. Grab a light two lights away on each side and group them. This provides you with two lights on one end and one light on the other. Till you run out of strands, continue to bunch every light. Wrap the loose ends near the middle of the bunch and connect the plugs.

6. Clothes Hangers

You can use these if you don't have enough cardboard available but have any extra clothes hangers. Please grab one of the loose edges of the strand and join it with one of the strap holders. Then, while maintaining the strand taut, start wrapping it around the clothes hanger vertically, keeping it as neat as possible.

When you're done wrapping, pin the other end in the other strap container or plug it into the other edge of the strand. Then you can dangle them in the storage closet. How convenient.

7. Terminate Tangles And Label Lengths

Just like a length of rope or a strand of string, Christmas light lines love to tangle. And things will dull the joy of a new holiday season faster than ought to consume hours on end just disentangling a Gordian knot of light lines.

But there's a simplistic way of protecting light lines from seeking their normal state of tangled-ness. As you take down all your lighting lines, fold each line bulb-to-bulb (you will have bulbs at each end of the subsequent package, with a smooth cable middle), then snug a rubber band across the center of the bundle. Doing this will guarantee the end of tangles and is fast and straightforward.

Also, stick a masking tape label on every bundle identifying the length of the line - and possibly even the space you used it this season. The combo of untangled lines and tagged lengths will make setting up next season's display an infinite pleasure.

8. Make Cardboard Storage Spools

Here's a terrific way to recycle cardboard and maintain your strings of holiday lights from when you store them from getting tangled. Use bits of cardboard and cut out a slot on each end to create a 'spool' from slipping off to keep the lights.

9. Keep Your Lights in Labelled Plastic Bags

This has to be the simplest way to store strings of holiday lights. Put in another plastic bag where the lights go on the bag and write where the lights go best on the bag. No coiling or wrapping required. It is in the bag!

10. Track Age

Keeping track of the era, your light lines of each is crucial. The older a line is, the more it is prone to failure. So, in case you know the age of each line, you can be age-selective in choosing different lines for specific locations. Older lines, by way of instance, might be utilized in less visible areas so that any bulb failures will result in less of an eyesore. You might also be smart to put lines in more accessible areas to facilitate any mid-season line maintenance, which may be needed.

An excellent method for monitoring the life of light lines would be to use a range of multi-colored zip ties for color-coding age. Just name color to each year and attach a zip tie of the appropriate color at the end of every line purchased in a given year.

11. Make Holiday Light Storage Stands

Storing holiday light strings without breaking them is difficult. Here's an excellent idea: Screw a dowel to each end of a wooden base cut to the size of a large plastic bin. Wrap your lights around the dowels in figure eight and then put the stand in the container. You will be amazed at how many light strings you may wrap the racks around the stands without them getting damaged or becoming tangled.

12. Hose Reel for Holiday Lights

To keep holiday lights from becoming tangled and make it easy to string them around the yard, roll the strings of lights on a portable hose reel with a handle and wheels.

13. Labeled Tree Layers

Artificial Christmas trees are constructed in color-coded layers. After a couple of years, the colors rub off (or you get rid of the instructions), and putting the tree collectively gets complicated. Try this trick. When you disassemble the tree after the season, do it one level at a time. Once all the branches from a level are removed, duct-tape them together and number each layer with a marker. Next year, the tree will go up in a snap!

You'll Thank Yourself In a Few Months

Even though a little post-Christmas melancholia is fine, the precious and superb memories cannot dull this holiday season created, memories you will enjoy for the rest of your life. And before you recognize it, spring and summer will have zoomed by with lightning speed, and that most amazing time of the year will again be upon us.

Though it will take a slight extra time, it's well worth trying now of putting away your Christmas lights well. Doing so will help to ensure that the joy of the next holiday season won't be dulled from the very starting with a blend of tangled cords and broken lights.

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