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Monday, 26 April 2021 05:30

12 Tips On How To Handle Unwanted Gifts

It's natural to feel like a terrible person when we don't need a gift we had been presented in the spirit of this season. Hoping we could possibly love it!

However, none of us have a lot of space for items we don't want or need, and it helps no one to use "but it was a present" as an excuse to hold on to anything you do not need, use, or love. Doing this will only create clutter in your home or life--and that is a very non-feng-shui way to begin a new year!

If you don't like the present, take the love and joy the gift-giver meant to come with the stated gift, write a beautiful thank you note, and then send the present along its merry little way out of your property.

Letting go of things you do not need or love has zero reflections in your feelings for the gift giver, so let that present go guilt-free.

Here are creative (and simple!) things to do with these presents you can not return.