Steel City Christmas Lights

Steel City Christmas Lights (3)

We all know you like to see Christmas lights. So, what is the next best thing? Apple pie, baseball, and "fireworks on the Fourth of July," you can not get more American than that!

Few cities do "Fourth of July" fireworks such as Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities. In actuality, we do it well here in Southwestern, Pennsylvania, it is challenging to choose which 4th of July activities to participate in and where to go to watch July fireworks! If only we could be in many places at once...

Are you searching for the best locations in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas to see the best Holiday light displays?

If so, our yearly Pittsburgh Holiday Lights events guide will give you all the updates and keep your holiday spirits bright all season long.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful destination if you love to be in the Christmas lights. The downtown area offers many fantastic spots to enjoy the beauty of the holiday season.

Starting on Light up Night on the Friday before Thanksgiving and continuing through New Year's Day, there are many excellent opportunities to enjoy beautiful displays of Christmas Lights in Pittsburgh.

Below are a few of the people’s favorite places in and around downtown Pittsburgh to enjoy terrific lights and decorations during the holiday season.

Places You Must Visit to See Holiday Lights in the Pittsburgh Area

It is a known fact that Pittsburghers love Christmas and Holiday light displays nearly as much as the Steelers. So with the holiday quickly approaching, it is time for a vacation lights road trip. Here's a list of some of the region's larger, more popular destinations.

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Celebrate Christmas in July in Pittsburgh

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The mere mention of the word Christmas brings fond memories of various events that usually take place on this particular day. Apart from the gifts and other goodies we often receive on Christmas, this day symbolizes love, and many people use it to reunite with family members and friends alike.

Nothing is exciting as celebrating Christmas early given that it comes only once every calendar year in different places across the globe where it is recognized. However, in Pittsburgh area residents can celebrate the holiday twice, this is possible because Pittsburgh celebrates  "Christmas in July".

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership - Market Place hosted a children's event organized by KidsPlay for all local children that wanted to see Santa Claus and was filled with fun, and other exhilarating activities reminiscent of the actual Christmas day.  In other parts of town additional Christmas in July, events were being held, like the East Shore "Christmas in July" Flea Market sponsored by Swissvale Farmers Market. Another event was organized by the Cultural District.