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Celebrate Christmas in July in Pittsburgh

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The mere mention of the word Christmas brings fond memories of various events that usually take place on this particular day. Apart from the gifts and other goodies we often receive on Christmas, this day symbolizes love, and many people use it to reunite with family members and friends alike.

Nothing is exciting as celebrating Christmas early given that it comes only once every calendar year in different places across the globe where it is recognized. However, in Pittsburgh area residents can celebrate the holiday twice, this is possible because Pittsburgh celebrates  "Christmas in July".

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership - Market Place hosted a children's event organized by KidsPlay for all local children that wanted to see Santa Claus and was filled with fun, and other exhilarating activities reminiscent of the actual Christmas day.  In other parts of town additional Christmas in July, events were being held, like the East Shore "Christmas in July" Flea Market sponsored by Swissvale Farmers Market. Another event was organized by the Cultural District.


Days don't last forever and the actual day is slowly approaching. The onus is on you to start preparing for your holiday light display at your home in a style. Holiday lights or Christmas lights as they are commonly referred to as play a crucial role in Pittsburg, and surrounding areas since they are treated with high esteem.

As such, there are different steps that you can take into account when you plan for your holiday light display. This guide gives you some tips and advice that you can implement when you want to plan and design a Christmas lights show at your house.

How to get started?

Christmas is a special occasion, and its beginning is marked by the holiday Light Up Night event that is held late in November before Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh every year. However, do not get distracted by the fact that this day is still far at this particular moment. It is never too early to start preparing for your holiday light show since you will have ample time to put your house in order.   

Like any other event, the success of your show strongly depends on the time you have invested in preparing for its coming. To get started preparing for your ultimate light show, you need to make a final decision as early as now that you are going to make your house impressive. The success of your presentation depends on how you plan and design it right to the end.  

Once you have decided that you want to make a memorable light show at your place, then you are on the right track so you should start preparing for the event now. Be mindful of the fact that proper planning is the gateway to success in whatever you intend to do.  Your action plan should outline your desired goals, and steps you are going to take to achieve them. 

Christmas in July celebration 

How to plan and design holiday light Show

It is undoubtedly true that people who fail to put proper plans towards implementing specific projects are bound to fail. This kind of scenario is undesirable, hence the need to avoid it at all costs. Therefore, planning is the most crucial stage when undertaking any project, but you should also be cautious, and try to set realistic goals that are attainable within your means.

Set Realistic Goals

A light up show specifically meant for your home is different from the grand Light up Night event that perennially attracts hundreds of thousands of people in Pittsburgh. In this case, you want to illuminate your home for a special occasion. It is important to remember that there are certain people you are targeting in your neighborhood.

As such, do not rush into something huge as this can flop if you fail to live up to the expectations of the targeted people. Therefore, it is recommended that you begin with just a few lights and check if the people like them. A positive response from the people who come and view the lights is essential. This scenario helps you to add more lights, and stay focused such that you will be able to satisfy the needs of all the targeted audiences.   

The other thing that should guide you is to expect attention from different people. Naturally, Christmas lights are attractive to different passersby, and they may be interested in getting more details about the whole thing going on. You have to pay attention to these people since they are the ones who make your show a success.

Be inspirational

Designing a holiday light show is inspirational in its own right.  Christmas light show is not just an event that emerges from nowhere. You must have a story that relates to the actual motive that has inspired you to undertake the initiative. Others do it in memory of individuals who used to be great decorators during their lifetime.

In some instances, you need the inspiration to express your appreciation of the significance of Christmas time to different people. Such a show is a way of communicating a special message to different people in style. The event also helps you to be creative and come up with the best design that will appeal to the interests of many targeted audiences.

In other words, it is essential to learn the art of designing holiday lights show by doing. Creativity is vital as you test different colors to see the ones that will give you a perfect match. Your idea of the final product should be used as the basis for designing something that is likely to catch the attention of any passerby.

More importantly, it is always wise to rope in the services of professionals with expert knowledge in the design of fabulous Christmas lights show. Many things ought to be done to perfection, and this can be attainable if you get assistance from experienced people in the same field. It is a good idea to hire technicians as well as designers who can enliven your show.

Learn to appreciate resistance from neighbors    

Putting up a holiday light show at your house is not something that your neighbors will readily accept. You are bound to experience some form of resistance from the members of the neighborhood given that the show is likely to attract many people. Such an event means increased traffic and noise and some individuals may not be impressed by the scenario likely to be caused by the show.

When designing the holiday light show, you must also take into account measures that are meant to appease the members of the community. Instead of creating something that is likely to cause an adverse reaction, try instead to maintain a peaceful environment. For example, try to make sure that noise from the radio or any similar device is kept at a low level. Such orderliness will help to attract even those people initially against the idea in their neighborhood for fear of the commotion likely to be caused. Have set hours that your light display is on, then at bedtime turn off the show and let your neighborhood get some sleep.

Not all people would show resistance to this kind of show in their community. Quite a number of them will appreciate it, and they can express their gratitude by offering different gifts. As the host, you should not show hostility by refusing the presents even if you do not want them. Accept anything then you can later channel it to charity.  

Aim to be cost effective

Hosting a successful holiday light show is often determined by the quality of the budget that you set for the whole event.  A lot of lights will be required, and some come in different colors, and shape. The prices of these lights may vary due to various factors, hence the need to set up a budget that will not disappoint you at the end of the day.   

One way of maintaining your costs at a lower level when you plan and design a light show is to keep pace with changing technology. For instance, LED lights represent the newest form of technology in the design of Christmas lights. Many advantages can be obtained from embracing this new technology if you want to host a successful show.

The good thing about these kinds of lights is that they are relatively cheaper than standard Christmas lights. If you are ready to embrace technology, you are likely to keep costs at a lower level, and this can also help you acquire more lights for the occasion.  

The other advantage of LED lights is that they produce brighter light while at the same time using less power compared to standard lamps. Acquisition of LED bulbs means that your home is illuminated to the maximum at a lower cost. Less energy is consumed during the whole period of the event, unlike a situation where you use standard Christmas lights.  

You should also embrace new technology concerning the latest programming of light shows. Such programs make designing easy since there are different programs specifically meant to improve the  

Acquire proper permits

Planning and designing of a holiday show are not only limited to the actual display of lights, and fun-filled activities on the actual day. There are other aspects that you should also take into consideration like the acquisition of proper permits.  In each metropolitan, some by-laws clearly state the rules, and regulations that you should always follow when hosting such shows.   

Nothing is disappointing as having your holiday scuttled by the neighbors who are against the noise that you and your colleagues are likely going to cause during the whole show. To avoid this embarrassing scenario, you must make sure that you acquire a proper permit from the responsible authorities that permits you to hold the concert. 

You should also obtain food and beverages licenses if you are going to serve any stuff that belongs to this category.  When you acquire proper permits, the neighbors can also support you so you will be in a better position to host a successful show.

Invest in your time

Time put to good use is likely to give you positive results when designing something compared to rushed projects. The main reason why you should start preparing for your holiday light show now is that you will have enough time to research the best lights that you can acquire for the special occasion. You can compare different products in terms of quality and price.   

It is also essential to make an effort to research about the needs of the targeted audiences that will participate in the event. Kids, families, and caregivers are in most cases the people that usually attend such shows. It is imperative to gather as much information as possible about the needs of these targeted people since they will make the display a resounding success.

Check with them during the development process of the show if they are satisfied with the quality of lights that you are installing. The kids and elders have different needs, and you should make an effort to satisfy them. The aim is to make sure that everyone celebrates with you and they are not harmed during the concert.  

More importantly, you should always prioritize safety when you design your holiday light show. After all, this is just an event meant to celebrate Christmas so you should not risk your safety over a passing activity. Always make sure that you use certified products, and safety measures are taken so that you do not injure yourself when you install the lights on dangerous positions within your house.

Many factors can determine the success of your holiday light show at home.  A successful show, for instance, is a result of proper planning and the amount of time, and resources invested in the preparations.  It is essential to gather as much information as possible about the best lights that will carry the day when they are switched on. Many people will attend if it is bright and colorful.

Many people enjoy something bright, and colorful so these are the measures you should consider when you design your light show. You should also aim to move with technology to make sure that you develop the best display while at the same time maintaining the costs at a lower level.  A proper design of the holiday lights will help you to appeal to the interests of many people and put up a memorable show.

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